Olia Lialina, Chia Amisola and bright without sunglasses in Athens
Maya Man, James Bridle, Claire Evans, Laurel Schwulest, Elliott Cost and links
Austin Wade Smith, a zine, and collections
Wauw, Andy Baio, Internet postcards, and a few hidden games

February 2023

AMA, Everest Pipkin, Craig Mod, and a selection of poetic websites
Jonah Grindler, Queer Computer, and a call for newsletter writers
Giueseppe Sollazzo's Wilderness Land

January 2023

Adina Glickstein, Tiger Dingsun, and a slight delay
Mimetic Rocks, Chia, Maya Man, DVTK, and an upcoming trip
Tiana Dueck, Logic, Katherine Yang, Max Bittker and a hidden URL Snake
Hydra, Robin Sloan, Chia Amisola, Windows, Intersections and Donkeys
What was on my mind in 2022