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Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly - Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

When was the last time you had an empty calendar? When was the last time there was nothing inside you? When was the last time you traveled light into the unknown?

On the internet, you can’t visit my home. My home is not my profile picture, my home is not my about text, my home is not where I live, or where I was born. My home is my social feeds, carefully curated by algorithms, only visible for me.

It is easy to stay comfortable within my feeds. My feeds provide an endless scroll of updates from my friends and family. My feeds let me follow brands and people I admire. My feeds provide ideas for products to buy and experiences to try. My feeds help me stay updated on what is happening around me, and within the topics I am curious about.

My feeds are my personalized lunch boxes. They keep me fed, knowing just what kinda nutrition I am searching for at any given moment. My feeds might be endless, but they are already full. They are full of all the inspiration I’ve discovered over the past many years. They are full of the lives I lived, the jobs I had, the interests I lost, and the people I lost touch with.

Try to hit pause on your feeds, not to reduce screen time, but to surf the internet with an empty stomach. You can’t walk far if your bag is too heavy. So try to resist the urge to pick up every flower you pass and see where your curiosity takes you.

Roadside Flowers

Delightful Surprises From The Information Superhighway

Naive Weekly supporter, Yinka has added a beautiful online festival to the world. It is an open directory consisting of curated events within the topics related to this newsletter.

In this simulation, you are a NASA astronaut who has to dock onto the International Space Station. It is not easy.

Start measuring your own battery life.

MSCHF’s latest drop made waves in my internet bubble. Understandable. They are recreating every single episode of The Office in Slack.

Seven desert-themed short games you can play by all by yourself. The Joshua Tree is my favourite.

Internet Blackhole

Today I’m Reintroducing Bullets To Naive Weekly

  1. The New Scientology of Elon Musk
    I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fanboyed Elon Musk in the past. The first time I became aware of the reality distortion field was the 2018 rescue of a group of boys caught in the caves of Thailand. Maybe instead of treating Elon Musk as a savour of society, we should treat him as the founder of a new religion? Strong post from 2018.

  2. Computers Do Not Make Art, People Do
    It is easy to be impressed with the state of software-generated art. However, Aaron Hertzmann argues that new technologies, whether oil on canvas, cameras, or artificial intelligence, do not make art, humans do. Rather straight to the point argumentation and easy to read.

  3. How Silicon Valley is Not Like Wall Street
    Don’t expect to read this post to regain belief in Silicon Valley. Over the last decades, the culture of money, power, and success has moved from East to West, but unlike Wall Street, Silicon Valley refuses to admit their power and responsibility.


Rich Nutrients For Your Passive Consumption

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Reader’s Club

Thanks for the positive feedback on the first Naive Weekly interview. I’ll continue the series in the coming month. And sorry for not having replied to everyone yet. I had what felt like a fast-forwarded backward week.

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