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Happy Sunday

Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Good morning,

It is fall break in Denmark. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean a break from the fall weather. My weather app is showing fall peak with dark, rainy clouds.

Historically, the fall break was called the potato holiday in Denmark. As an agricultural society, the kids left school to help harvest potatoes.

I’m fascinated by how the seasons of nature and cosmic cycles shape the rhythms of society. And I often wonder how to manifest seasonal rituals on the internet.

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Bennington Review — Issue Nine — The Health of the Sick

“Birds, not birdcages,” is the very appealing tagline for the Bennington print journal of intelligent writing. Poetry appears to cover most pages. But even if you are not the type who usually reads poetry, I encourage you to give Autocomplete Questions and Future Food a read. The latter is fun, the former a clever idea and both are related to technology.

Dirty Furniture — Issue Five — Phone

Couch, table, toilet, closet, phone, and bed. Each of the six issues of the design magazine Dirty Furniture explores one topic. The latest issue review how we use our phone and how it uses us. The writers include many of my favourites. And without ordering the print edition, you can read Jay Owens write about why we call the iPhone sexy. Via Kristoffer.


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