Houses Are Bags for Humans

And soon our little family is moving into a new bag. Carrying our plants and books in boxes. Leaving our upstairs neighbour behind, fortunately.

Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly - Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Sunday techno
After Saturday techno
Buzzing door day and night
Junk delivered trash
Out of the window
Footsteps as dubstep
Dragging furniture dead as corpus
Upstairs neighbour from hell

It seems we have found our new home. Thank you to everyone who helped out. All three of us are very excited, Uno even fell asleep while we were viewing the place. We’ll miss many moments from our current apartment. It is the first time in twelve years I’ve lived in the same apartment for more than a year. However, neither of us will miss the frequent lockdown parties of our upstairs neighbour.

With care,


Face Mask Browser Extension.


Nikolaj Rasmussen is a ghost online. A few years ago he was working with cybercrime and went incognito to protect himself from the people he helped put in jail. Now he spends his days raising his son, standing next to me when FC Copenhagen plays, and designing digital interfaces. He was also the co-host of 179 episodes of what was then Denmark’s best technology podcast.

K: Who can write the future?

Nikolaj: Who can? You can — start today! Motivational speak aside, if I look at the future as change, then in the long term it is whoever has the most motivation, innovation, and the ability to unite people. In the short term, I see it as; the easiest accessible technology, powered by the most people, controlled by the most cynical. They are already writing future history.

K: What is the size of your internet?

Nikolaj: These days my internet is extra small and extra boring, a few apps for work, a few apps for non-work and life-admin. My internet has become a tool for filling my needs. I miss the days of reckless surfing, exploring, and creating.

K: Where do you go fishing for different feeds?

Nikolaj: I read your newsletter, I dive into the ocean of recommendations, it might be a sign of beginning laziness. Also, people send me random stuff, I really enjoy getting a link in my inbox, it is like a little present of procrastination.

K: How do you think about time?

Nikolaj: At the moment, having a 5-month-old baby and working from home, due to Covid-19, time is moving fast and slow at the same time. Fast, because a baby can somehow control space and time and really speed things up. Slow, because I don’t leave the apartment much, and time slows down for me when I am at the same place for a longer period. I never really look at my watch anymore. It's either day, evening, or night. Those are my three time zones at the moment.

K: How do you prepare for death?

Nikolaj: I can't prepare for the concept of death, not my own or others, but I can spend my time living mindfully. Last year, I sat with my grandfather for the last three days of his life. As he passed away, I watched him transform from alive to dead. I came to realize a lot about how I want to spend the rest of my time here, prioritize my time, make choices that matter to me. Watching him pass away made me more aware of living and less worried about dying.

K: What would you be doing if given financial stability and three months space?

Nikolaj: Next year I will be spending three months on parental leave with my son. I could not imagine anything better to spend my time on. Before having a kid, I would have opted for staying in a remote place for three months, like a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Funny how priorities change.

K: What was one rabbit hole you recently fell into?

Nikolaj: I recently started using TikTok, yes using, it is the high-fructose corn syrup of the internet. Maybe not as much a rabbit hole as an addiction, it just hits the pleasure center in the brain and sucks me in. I might have to uninstall it soon. I blame Covid-19.


Weirdly Specific Interests.

Taste Atlas.

Black out poetry.

Is the McDonald’s ice cream machine broken?

I’m not sure what this is.


  1. Activated Boredom

    Only read this report if you are willing to leave with more questions than answers. It is a report searching how individuals and brands should behave in 2020, the year the iPhone became a teenager. The answer is not digital detoxing in far away cabins, but Activated Boredom; the pursuit of mystery over answers and imagination over control. Via Johannes.

  2. My Website is a Shifting House Next to a River of Knowledge. What Could Yours Be?

    Social media are simple. We need to interact without thinking. It creates repetitive digital spaces where we become the shoppers and the store-owners in giant digital shopping malls. Fortunately alternative approaches are sprouting. I’ve covered the digital gardens movement and you might have seen Wired’s digital public park article. But what is a website? Couldn’t it be a room, shelf, plant, puddle, rock…?


“Cyberfeminism cannot be reduced to women and technology. Nor is it about the diffusion of feminism through technology. Combining cyber and feminism was meant as an oxymoron or provocation, a critique of the cyberbabes and fembots that stocked the sci-fi landscapes of the 1980s. The term is self-reflexive: technology is not only the subject of cyberfeminism, but its means of transmission. It’s all about feedback.” — Cyberfeminism Index

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Photograph by Ana Santl.