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Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Dear friend,

It is now one week ago I opened my café. And what a ride it has been. Almost 43 people have joined. That is five times more than my expectations. My guess was eight people would join. Ana was closer, she guessed at 15 people, so she won our little bet and I’ve to treat her to pastries.

The internet is full of stories of successful people. This week I have been reading about how to become a successful cafe owner as part of the research for my own blogpost on the topic. If you want to be part of the journey to the moon, season one of the café is open two more days. Just click the image.

With care,


Font Brief — find fonts by searching for its personality traits.


Filip Minev is the founder of best form builder on the internet. I know this because it is the one I use for Penpal Café. Back in 2014, Filip and I were sitting in Ghent conspiring about the internet. I’m happy to have followed from the side while Filip has been making things.

K: How would you describe your work to my grandparents?

Filip: I spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting behind a computer screen! I write code and design products for the internet. Currently making the best form builder together with Marie Martens. A form builder is a tool to collect dreams and data of people on the internet, with their consent.

K: How do you prepare for an internet exploration?

Filip: Hot cup of coffee and a good Spotify playlist.

K: What was your first internet handle?

Filip: It's not my first but the last handle I've been using for gaming is Jogging Baboon. He's a fictional character from the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. At the closing of season two, the main character is running up the hill with his lungs on fire. When our protagonist is lying on the ground from exhaustion, a calming shadow appears saying: -"It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you got to do it every day. That's the hard part. But it does get easier."

K: What is progress to you?

Filip: See quote above.

K: Where do you escape to when your internet is crashing?

Filip: Then I connect to my personal hotspot via mobile 4G.

K: What do you have saved in your bookmarks?

Filip: The lyrics of a Bulgarian bed-time song I sign to my baby daughter, a white porcelain Moon Jar by the Belgian design company Bicci de' Medici which I saved until I can afford it, the book ‘Origin of Design: Braun’s Design Concept and Background’ by Shutaro Mukai and Shukuro Habara which I also saved until I can afford it, the best low top canvas sneakers according to always amazing Typical Contents, Genesis Triple, Design as Art, Content-driven growth and Superfood gummies with a little something extra.


Library of colors.

Wikipedia around — find Wikipedia articles from your hood.

Rose Garden 2020.

Blackout Poetry.


  1. But Then People Argue, What's Life?

    Claire L. Evans is now publishing Wild Information, an irregular newsletter exploring the overlaps between computation and biology. I’m a fan of Claire, the topic, and this follow-up story to article about the world’s first programmable organism I shared a few weeks ago.

  2. Money for Nothing

    Let this be the second and last mention of NFTs in this newsletter. I’m only including it because Vicky Osterweil’s words are relevant beyond the topic of NFTs. “I think of this as the Christopher Nolan effect: If you explain an incredibly simple premise — like, for example, ‘a guy forgets everything every five minutes’ or ‘you can go inside people’s dreams and make false memories’ — over and over in increasingly abstruse ways, the person it’s being explained to will eventually tell themselves, ‘I just don’t get it.’.


The Markup continues their outstanding reporting on technology companies uncovering how Google blocks advertisers from targeting Black Lives Matter videos, while White lives matter is fine.


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