Maybe See You

In a perfect day.

Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Good morning,

Yesterday was the perfect Saturday. Waking up with no plans, we were browsing flea markets for clothes to Uno in the morning. And in the afternoon, we packed our cargo bike and rode to the beach, enjoying the late August sun-rays.

Tomorrow we’re going to Berlin. We’ll be around from Monday-Friday, maybe see you on the streets?

With care,



Now and then I answer your questions here in the newsletter. So if you want to know what shoes I’m wearing you know what to do. (Hit reply).

Reader: Where do you find inspiration?

Kristoffer: On the empty white walls of my calendar. Unfortunately, those are hard to protect. Every week I struggle with keeping a significant part of my calendar blank, leaving space to do what fascinates me at the moment instead of predefined tasks or meetings. Living in Denmark makes it extra hard. Everything is planned, it’s a cultural obsession. I’d much rather browse Kicks Condor, Web Curious, Gossip’s Web, and my feed.

Reader: If you had unlimited time, what would you do?

Kristoffer: Conspire on how to make time limited.



Elle Griffin’s Book Plan

Novelist Elle Griffin is using Substack to market and publish her books. The effort she puts into growing her readership is a good indication of what it requires to publish online. The book plan I link here shows 40 publications she has pitched to for mentions and the close to $3,000 spent on digital ads alone this summer. I’m still doubtful of anyone promoting 1000 fans, passion economy, and similar ideas stipulating you can make a living from the Internet. It is hard work, and only for the few.

Thanks in Advance

An average inbox stores 10,000 emails. A sweet single-purpose website reminding us that our digital hoarding has an energy cost. It is a small part of a large problem, but it is worth to be conscious about the choices we make when we design and use websites. Make sure to check the Learnings and Resources too.

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