Numero Uno

One year later.

Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Good morning,

We are still on the road, visiting our family in Austria and Slovenia. Uno is having a blast. He is peek a booing, waving, clapping, and picking berries from bushes. And Friday he turns one year old, hurray.

With care,



I’m using the holiday season to answer your questions for me. So if you have anything you’d like to ask me, big or small, please hit reply to this email and I’ll answer your question within the next weeks. Thank you.

Reader: If you could have dinner with three people living or deceased who would they be?

Kristoffer: The first would surely be Gudrun, my father’s mother. She died while my dad was not yet an adult and is the only of my grandparents I have never met. I’ve read snippets of her letters to my granddad in the book my aunt wrote about our family. My grandmother wrote with such elegance and power, maybe this is why she struggled to fit in.

The second person I’d invite would be my dad’s brother, Christian. I remember him from my childhood, but he died before I became an adult, so there are sides of Christian I only have come to know later in my life. For example, I’ve heard rumours that he was very active on (

Finally, I’d also take the opportunity to invite Lars, the dad of my youngest brother. I got the phone call that Lars died while I was sitting at a barber salon in a small Moroccan fisher village. The electricity even went out, so a kind passerby was using the flashlight of his mobile phone so the barber could see what he was doing. The call itself was not unexpected, Lars had been fighting sickness for many years, but I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for the many good years we lived under the same roof.

Reader: What is Uno’s best trick?

Kristoffer: When he blows at lamps to switch them on.

Reader: What are some pages you’d recommend for daily ‘makes you think’ pieces?

Kristoffer: There are no pages I visit daily, so I might be the wrong person to ask. I’m trying my best to move thinking from days to weeks, and hopefully further towards months and years. That said, Real Life Mag is impressive and’s Featured Channels is always carrying me forward.



Søren Høgh Ipland on Spotify

My friend Søren is spending his evenings creating odd playlists on Spotify. Examples include playlists dedicated to Alfa Romeo Spider, Yacht Rock, and Volvo 240. Apparently, Søren is not alone because there is an entire subreddit for Weird Spotify Playlists where people explain important things such as How To Order a Pizza using song titles. I suggest sending your favourites as a mixtape.

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