Season Two

Happy Birthday Mormor

Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Good morning,

I’ve spotted the first yellow leaves on the birch tree in front of our house. The same tree with the naked branches when we moved in and that we watched sprout in the spring.

Soon we have lived in our home for one year. Uno is now walking. Our bookshelves are filling up. We know most of our neighbours and are no longer the newest to have moved here.

But before we celebrate one year in our home, we’ll be waving away to the summer green and welcome the colour explosion of fall. I'm ready.

With care,


Hi reader,

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With care,


The Very First Two Hours of MTV

MTV broke traditional TV programming. On MTV, viewers could start watching without context and commitment because every three minutes, a new video play. MTV is the original TikTok, and last week it turned 40 years. It was not the content, neither the medium, but the flow, and here are the first two hours of MTV.

The Life And Death of an Internet Onion

The average lifespan of a non-refrigerated onion is five weeks. The same goes for Laurel Schwulst’s annual internet onion. This year the theme is ‘expressing love online’. I encourage you to peel through the short reflections before they disappear.


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