Three Years Later

And 156 editions.

Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Dear Reader,

I’ve written this newsletter for three years, not missing a single week. It is an odd commitment to myself, accumulating roughly three months of full-time work.

Naive Weekly is a personal project. I don’t write it for anyone but myself. It is evolving as I am ageing, and my obsessions, language, and worldview change. Hence today’s edition is significantly different from the one I sent three years ago.

I often ask myself why I am sending this newsletter. Especially on the many Saturday evenings where I struggle to find my voice and relevant links to share. I don’t have a clear answer, except I still enjoy staying with the trouble.

Thanks for reading along.

With care,




Patented Futures

Click on this post for fashionable renderings of patents from large technology companies. Then ask yourself if you believe these gadgets are desirable for you and society. Regarding the accompanying text: it is a well-written rundown of wearable technology but a bit too deterministic for my taste. And let’s not forget that once old-school watches and glasses were innovative technologies too.


Max Read has done the impossible: make me a subscriber of another newsletter about technology. In the linked post, Read unfolds the right to leave and take your money with you in Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), linking the feature to Peter Thiel’s dream of moving to New Zealand and the ongoing billionaire space frenzy. Read concludes, “this sounds incredibly exhausting. But as an arena for financial speculation, it sounds like paradise.”


Last week I managed to share Wilderness Land without the images working. Fortunately, the issue is now fixed.


Ps. I’m happy to receive more!

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