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Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

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It is one of those weeks where I am keeping the introduction short. Nevertheless, I wish you a good week and hope you'll find a link you enjoy. See you again next Sunday.

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Notes on Web3

Robin Sloan is a sci-fi writer and web explorer. I often encounter his username in early-stage online communities and experimental live streams, and I admire his ability to navigate the fringes of the Internet. In this post, Robin Sloan shares his notes on Web3: the latest web horizon. I appreciate the thoughts relating to internet generations and tend to agree on most points outlined.


I am bored by social media criticism. I do not want to neglect the value of it, but, borrowing Sad Grl's analogy, it resembles discussing the lobby of the Library of Alexandria. I prefer getting lost inside the library. Sad Grl's website is a fantastic portal to get lost, and it contains a comprehensive reading list on what makes the web bigger than social media and search engines. Bon voyage.

IndieWeb Thoughts: POSSE

I’m ending this week’s meta-notes on the state of the web with a short post by Wesley Aptekar-Cassels on how we represent ourselves online. They write: “Every different internet community has a unique set of social expectations, and that diversity is exactly what I love about the web. I want there to be more different communities on different platforms with different vibes and rules and expectations. (…) I want it to be easier to fracture my identity, and create a different persona for every community I’m a part of.”


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