Where Wildflowers Were

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Another Sunday, Another Naive Weekly — Observations From The Internet Wilderness.

Good morning,

I find wildflowers along the roadside, at parking spots, and on the unsown field. These non-invited flowers sneak into gardens, pop up between paving cracks, and flourish in the shadows of wildfires.

Wildflowers need caretakers, but they also need pollinators. Cute humans like you, clicking your way around the Internet wilderness, leaving traces, and taking screenshots.

With care,



How I Experience Web Today

I trust you caught this cute little reminder of how stupid we make web pages today. The site is similar to this, and this, but that doesn’t help you. So what if I told you that there is a single click option to hide most banners?

Groundhog Day, but Kinda Evil

Craig Mod walks in Japan — and writes online. I enjoy stepping into his words, reading how he senses the world, and what occupies his mind. In this newsletter edition, Craig finds the silver lining in our lost ability to plan during the pandemic.

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